I Need a New Heart

I need a new heart
So God gave His Spirit to me,
I need a new start
Each morning, dear Lord, renew me;
He saves and revives me,
Making home in all our hearts,
    I need a new heart....
    I need a new start....
    I need a new heart, today!
I need a soft heart,
Repenting to God completely,
To transform each part,
By loving the Lord more deeply;
The Lord is the Spirit
And we all with unveiled face
    Receive a soft heart....
    Enjoy a fresh start....
    Receive a soft heart, today!
Lord, broaden my heart,
In matters of pride, defeat me;
A duplicate heart,
From Your heart to mine, infuse me;
To minister Jesus,
Showing love to all we meet,
    Lord, broaden my heart....
    Lord, be my new start....
    Lord, broaden my heart, today!
Lord, You're my new heart,
Lord, You're my soft heart,
Lord, give us Your heart, we pray!

2018 ITERO, Message 4


Luanda, Angola

Lord give us Your heart, we pray! Amen.

Maria L.

Fremont, California, United States

Lord, I need a new heart, I need a new start. I need a soft heart to repent and transform completely. Broaden my heart to defeat me. Lord, make your home in my heart I pray!

Lord Jesus, I love You and Thank You for Everything.


Gold Coast, Varsity Lakes, Australia

Lord, broaden my small heart! In matters of pride, defeat me. Soft my heart.

A Duplicate heart, from your heart to mine, infuse me, minister Jesus . Showing love to all we meet.


Wisconsin, United States

Lord, as I face temptation, I NEED You, so desperately. Please don't leave me here. I need a new heart. Transform me from the inside out.


Saipan, Northern Marianas

Lord, You are my new heart

Lord, You are my soft heart

Lord, give us Your heart, we pray!

Marieth Siku

Houston, Texas, United States

I need a new heart

I need a new start

Lord be my new start today and everyday.

Such a sweet hymn.



Thank you very much that I found this channel, www. hymnal. net which helps us (CHARISMTIC Group) and makes us more active for praising our LORD GOD . I Thank you so much that I learn more more. I love it.