I Come to You and Open Wide

I come to You and open wide
My mouth, so You can fill it full.
How rich, dear Lord, You are to me,
All else is naught but vanity.

How rich You are, the fountainhead
With living water flowing free.
No other drink could quench my thirst
Nor shine in me so radiantly.
  So fill me, Lord and fill me now.
I need You, Lord and all You are
To spread into my deepest part
And make Your home in all my heart.
The hungry ones You fill with good,
The poor in spirit You reward.
As I partake of You as food,
Do cleanse away all dead things stored.

I eat You and I'm satisfied.
No other food for me will do.
I've tasted, Lord, that You are good.
I live my life with this in view.
Yuri Prado De Reyes

Plano, TX, United States

Thank you Lord we can eat you drink you breathe you

Jonathan and Shogo

San Diego, California, United States

All we need to do is open wide and the Lord will fill us and make his home in our innermost being! Praise the Lord!