A Kingdom of Priests

  Then you shall be My personal treasure
From among all peoples,
Then you shall be My personal treasure
For all the earth is Mine.
  And you shall be to Me
A kingdom of priests
And a holy nation,
To Me a kingdom of priests.
  And He made us a kingdom,
Priests to His God and Father,
To Him be the glory and might
Forever and ever. Amen.
Stanza 2 can be sung as a countermelody over stanza 1.


Praise the Lord! We are the Lord's personal treasure. We are so small, but we have value because of the Lord. We are treasured by God! This is so encouraging, so comforting, so amazing...

Lily Ahlvers

Witchata, KS, United States

the should do prayer too


love one another


United States

Praise You Lord that we are Your personal treasure!

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Your personal treasure... Wow.

Thank You Lord Jesus, You have always loved me & You will never stop loving me. I love You precious Jesus.

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

To Him be the glory and might forever and ever. AMEN!!

Michele Troughton

Vallejo, CA, United States

That’s beautiful. Thank You, Lord, forsaking us Your personal treasure, a kingdom of priests, a holy nation. Abba Father, we love You.

Dan Sprau

Memphis, TN, United States

Awesome song.