He's my God

From the morning to the evening, His faithfulness I see;
His mercy reaching sinners, reaching even me;
And I know, now I know.
Brighter than the brightest sunlight, all doubts and fears must cease;
Sweeter than the sweetest delight, His living Word in me;
And I know, now I know.
  That God is there for me tomorrow,
As He is for me today;
That He'll take my cares and sorrow,
And He'll wipe them all away;
There's no crisis that He can't bear,
There's no storm He can't abate;
He's my God, He's my God.
Day by day His grace grows dearer; His love has conquered me,
Never leaving, never ceasing, His Spirit constantly
Flooding me, rich and free;
Higher than the highest heaven, He lifts me up to see
New Jerusalem descending, His Bride, His love to be
Eternally, it shall be.
Colleen May Chun


This hymn really comforted me and really felt that God there for me yesterday, today & tomorrow... even forever. He is MY GOD in all circumstances. Thank you Lord.

Michael Hugh G. Carrera

Baguio City, Philippines

I like the song because forever HE'S MY GOD. Saints, no matter what circumstances we're in, remember everyday is a new day to GRAB the Lord!!! HALLELUJAH!

Siew Hui


There are so many tribulations and trials that I encounter everyday but after singing this song, I feel so much encouraged because I know that God is there for me tomorrow as He is for me today. Lord Jesus, I love you. Thank you Lord for being there for me always.

Wojtek Lipinski

Kwidzyn, Poland

I really enjoy this song! What a joy to hear such a beautiful song.

Rensis Go

Baguio City, Philippines

I enjoyed singing this song when everything seems to be at the dead end. I realize that there is a God who placed me in such a "dead end", not to punish me or to make me suffer, but rather to show me that "God is there for me tomorrow, as He is for me today..." Today, He is here to dispense His riches into me more than ever to make me a little bit more gold, more silver, and more a precious stone. He's truly our God, and He's making us the same as He is in life and in nature to become that bride descending from the heavens-THE NEW JERUSALEM. Let's love Him today!

Zoe Cabahug

Greensboro, NC, U.S.A.

This song speaks to me very deeply. It tells me that God will always be there for us. Even though we may feel lonely sometimes, we really aren't alone, because God is always there with us. If we feel sad God is there to comfort us. God will be with us always.

Janet Chang


Well, this song makes me realize every time that only God can be there for me, wherever I may be, whatever I may be doing! He's all I need!

Do you know why I like this hymn, brothers and sisters? I remember there's one time when I was feeling very down, empty and I was too stubborn and refuse to turn to the Lord no matter what! I felt my love for Him wasn't that strong instead was for other things. But thank God, when I went for the youth mtg, they were singing this hymn.

And praise the Lord, He brought me through that period of time! And now I know only He is there for me always. He is always there to take all our sorrows away when we would just turn to Him! Who can be there for us when we are in school, when we are in the toilet, when we are feeling down? NO ONE but GOD!

Now when I look back, I felt I was really stupid to love something which will soon pass away, which will not give me comfort and rest,who does not even love me that much and give up someone who is always there for me, who love me till the uttermost!

So saints, remember who can be there always to take all your sorrows away? - no one but God! Treasure your everyday with Him and LOVE HIM for He is so precious to us.......

Shannon Beresford

Roseville, CA, U.S.A.

This is a beautiful song! not only the words but also the tune!