Whispers from above

There are times and times again,
When my love seems far away;
The hours would stretch, the days turn gray;
All the while, I know not how,
In my darkest hour, He prays
In the saints, oh, for my sake.
  By a touch of His dear love,
By the sound of His sweet voice,
Whispers from above,
Spoken through men of clay.
And this world just fades away.
(Let this world just fade away.)
Blinded soul, I cannot see
What this world has done to me;
My heart grows cold and life would bleed;
Then He comes, knocks on my door,
Through the saints—and there they stand
With the Lord, oh, for my need!

Dunedin, New Zealand

It's amazing that even though we are so blind sometimes and our heart turns so far from God, even in this darkest hour Jesus is still Lord, and He is still praying for us through the saints and as the interceding One.

It is like the song "what made you Lord to die for me", His endurance and never fading love always defeats me, I can never win :)

Faith Ting

MIRI, 98000, Malaysia

Praise the Lord! Only by loving Him will then the world fade away. Oh how we love His whispering--so sweet and tender. Even there are so many times we've been blinded, we cannot see the Lord is there with us, but praise the Lord for His sweetest voice that calls us back with His interceding Spirit that cares for us and look after us day by day. WE LOVE YOU LORD AND BY YOUR LOVE LET US JUST LEAVE THIS WORLD BEHIND US. OH, HOW WE PRAISE HIM!!!


San Juan, M.M., Philippines

What a comforting word for my everyday life. More and more we really need to love the saints. Praise the Lord for the Body. In my darkest hours, the Lord is praying for me (in the saints) for my sake. When my heart grows cold, the Lord knocks on my door (with the saints) for my need. Oh what dear love! Oh how sweet His voice is! Hallelujah for the Body life! Lord Jesus I love You!

Glen Kingsley Ewing

Cambridge, UK, United Kingdom

Wow, I just picture the Lord knocking at my door and the rest of the saints, His Body, behind Him (there they stand). This is a wonderful image of the Lord's love for us as well as the saints loving care for us.

Matthew Tiu

Cebu, Philippines

Among all the other songs that we have, I like this the most... Not only because of the intensity of the words, but because of how it touches me. I had just journeyed through a valley of the shadow of death [WITH MY SHEPHERD] because He restored my soul (Ps. 23).

I couldn't turn to anyone else but God. This song reminded me to press on, and just let this world fade away. Praise the Lord for love, mercy and grace.


San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States

Praise Him sister for your comment on this song...you really encourage me... and by the way I also like this song...LET THIS WORLD JUST FADE AWAY.

Gloria Liu

Hamilton, New Zealand

Amen! This is a really nice song! Although I hear it so often in our highschool meetings, i can never get sick of it!

I really enjoyed the second verse:

"Blinded soul, I cannot see" O Lord! but we have the saints and the wonderful church life!

Ariel Ting

Hamilton, New Zealand

I love this song! i sing it so often now, because it can apply to my daily life so often! Thank You Lord for Your Love, Your sweet voice.


Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Nice Song. Certainly expresses our common misfortune of not 'feeling' the Lord is near.

I was touched by the line in the song, "In my darkest hour, He prays." and by the fellowship above from Filip about Christ praying as our High Priest

Here are some verses that support this:

Romans 8:26 Moreover, in like manner the Spirit also joins in to help us in our weakness, for we do not know for what we should pray as is fitting, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings which cannot be uttered."

Romans 8:34, "Who is he who condemns, it is Christ Jesus who died and. rather, who was raised, who is also at the right hand of God, who intercedes for us

Revelation 8:3, "And Another Angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer, and much incense was given to Him to offer with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne."

Filip S. Syrek

Reading, United Kingdom

The depths of the love of God can only be experienced in the Body of Christ - among those who are interceding for and are shepherding each other... Christ is caring for us directly through His Body, directly through His members... He is the Body and the Body is Christ according to 1 Cor. 12:12... I had the knowledge, the revelation of this outstanding truth but I lacked in the experience... Not till recently I've tasted such a deep and loving care of the Lord in His Body... As all of us, I also have certain situation in my life that brings with it immeasurable amount of pain and distress... But the Lord is not indifferent! He is praying for me as my High Priest bringing the incense of the prayer according to God's economy to the Father... What is sweeter than knowing that there are some saints who are praying within the Lord's prayer according to the perfect will of God for the situation of mine? If I cannot see my real condition because I am blinded by the circumstances those saints can stand with me and offer the best possible help - the prayer according to God's heart, God's will, God's way and God's timing so that He will get the ultimate benefit and His perfect will will be satisfied. I begin to see that the whispers from above are being uttered through those dear ones who care for other members and bring them and their situations to the Lord... May He grant all of us the Father's loving heart to become one with Him in His heavenly ministry for the fulfillment of God's eternal economy... Thank You saints! I love you all...