This River

The Father God, the deepest spring,
The rich eternal source,
Emerges as the living spring,
In Jesus Christ, the course;
The Spirit is the flowing spring,
A springing up in us;
The river of life, the triune spring,
Profoundly glorious.
  This river is huge, this river is deep,
This river is wide,
It's flowing out from the smitten rock,
The Savior's side;
This river is clear, this river is pure,
This river is bright,
The Triune God, the glorified Christ,
Resurrection life.
Uniquely one, this flowing grace,
The living God divine
From Eden flows to every place,
And reaches all mankind;
By drinking of the stream of life,
The saints become His bride,
His counterpart, increase of Christ,
The issue from His side.
This river of God is flowing free,
A priceless living spring,
Wherever it flows conveys the tree,
Brings life to everything;
This turbulent river is full and great,
And man regenerates;
This hydropower permeates,
Transforms and saturates.
These rapids of life will not relent
But swiftly reach the end,
The Triune God mingling with men,
The New Jerusalem;
The sweetness of this river of life,
The all-inclusive Christ,
Will consummate the sanctified
Unto eternal life.
Marcus Mykoo

Tallahassee, FL, United States

This River is Flowing!!!!!!!!!

Cody Enderli

San Marcos, TX, United States

The Nile, The Amazon, the Orinoco, The Congo, even the Huang He cannot compare to this River!

Praise the Lord that it will not relent, BUT swiftly reach the end!

Shu Ting Chang


Praise the Lord for He is the river!

Allen In Christ

San Marcos, Texas, United States

Lord bless us with this river all the way to the New Jerusalem! Lord flow us, flow in us, flow through us for eternity.


Coaldle, Albert, Canada

Love this song

Paul Chang

Riverside, CA, United States

Me neither, Sam, but I love the fact that the hydropower is is not for electricity, physical energy, even miraculous strength. Instead, it's for the most difficult feat in the universe: the saturation and transformation of humanity!

Samuel Yu

Austin, TX, United States

Never thought I'd sing a hymn with the word hydropower in it!

Eric Arredondo

Denver, Colorado, United States

Lord thank You for this river!!!

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

This river tho


שלום, East, Germany

The sweetness of this river of Life.