The secret of the universe

The secret of the universe
In ages past a mystery
Hidden in God but now made known
By revelation's six-fold key,
Which opens and unlocks the plan
Of His economy
To gain a wife, His counterpart,
And match eternally.
  The Triune God, tripartite man;
A universal pair.
The Spirit processed, bride transformed;
One married nature share.
Creation is the lovely platform
Of this divine romance sublime
Between a creature and Creator
Upon the bridge of space and time;
For this the heavens were stretched forth
The earth's foundations laid
Tripartite man, made to contain Him,
Was with a spirit made.
God became man through incarnation
Man's empty virtues to imbue,
In Christ fulfilling His intention
Creation old becoming new;
God's attributes so bountiful
In human virtues shown
Uplifted, filled, enriched, and strengthened;
Love, life, and light—made known.
Though man became usurped by Satan
God gave His Son man's life to win;
The Olive Tree was cut and wounded
So sinners could be grafted in
Transferred from Adam into Christ,
Brought out of death into life;
Forgiveness kissing man's repentance
Hath sealed them Husband and wife.
God became man to make man God;
The King became a countryman
Through incarnation, human living
The cross and resurrection's plan;
A country girl to be His queen
Presented as His bride,
Fully redeemed, regenerated
Transformed and glorified.
Christ and the church a perfect match
And universal loving pair
The Spirit and the bride in union
One mingled life and living share;
The Husband is the processed God
The man the transformed wife
To be the New Jerusalem
Living a marriage life.