Triune God, We Love You

  Jesus, we love You,
We're glad You came;
Jesus, we love You!
We call Your name;
Your life impart;
Breathe now into our heart;
Jesus, we love You so!

Spirit, we love You,
Spirit, we love You!
Be real to me!
Shine strong, shine bright;
Your light intensify;
Lord Spirit, we love You!

Father, we love You,
We give You praise;
Father, we love You!
And we will always...
Give Christ first place;
Enjoy His flowing grace;
We love Your firstborn Son.
Sing, praise, pray, call!
Christ is our all in all,
Abba, our Father God!
Miss Ghenet Magos

London, South East Kiburn, United Kingdom

Hallelujah God bless all Over the wold Praise God bless His only Son The King of Kings Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace AMEN

Jomar Balco

Davao City, Sarangani Province, Philippines

Amen. I like this song. It reminds me in our daily living day by day.

Jorge Hugo Noda

Tampa, Florida, United States

We love You God, Your Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and the entire universe of light. I am very proud and honored to be one of the many of God's lightworkers.

David Beach

Beltsville, MD, United States

A wonderful, touching song! When we approach the Lord, whether at the Lord's table or in a gathering of young people, we would touch the sentiment of this song.