Come Forward

  For we do not have a High Priest who cannot
Be touched with the feeling of our weaknesses,
But One who has been tempted in all respects like us,
Yet without sin, yet without sin.
  Let us therefore come forward
With boldness to the throne of grace
That we may receive mercy and find grace
For timely help.
Jay Ann Dome

Manila, Zamboanga Del Norte, Philippines

Let us Come Forward!!

Toyin Diyan

London, United Kingdom

Thank You Lord that You are our most fitting High Priest. "Suited and booted" to meet our need before God. Thank You Lord we can come forward boldly to the throne of grace. There You are waiting to bless us with mercy and grace. Lord Jesus we love You. Please cause us to come daily even hourly to Your throne of grace. Even bring us by Your great strength. Amen!

Ropate Nasau


Let us therefore come forward with boldness to the throne of grace. O Lord.

Michael Küsters

A good prayer of encouragement.

We deserve nothing, yet we can

Come Forward

- With Boldness -

To the Throne of Grace


Sally Lee

Cypress, CA, United States

Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord that we can come forward with boldness to the throne of grace to find Your grace and Your boundiful supply for our timely need. I love You Lord!

Koit Pärn

Elva, Tartumaa, Estonia

Sest meil pole ülempreester kes ei saa

Olla puudutatud meie nõrkuste tunnetega,

Vaid See, kes on olnud kõigiti kiusatud nagu me

Kuid patuta, kuid patuta.

Tulgem siis julgusega

Armu trooni ette, et me võiks

Võtta vastu halastust ja leida armu

Aegsaks abiks.

Moriah Lim

North Attleboro, MA, United States

Amen! Let us therefore come forward with boldness! Thank You, Lord, that You have been tempted in all respects like us, yet was without sin!

Yasmin Sesay

London, United Kingdom

Come forward with boldness.

Vincent Darryl

Polomolok South Cotabato, South Cotabato, Philippines

ang galing ng song ng mga Christian walang katulad...

G. Theophilus

CA, United States

I was fortunate enough to learn the hymn from the very brother who came up with the tune. Here's a youtube link if you'd like to learn the original guitar strumming pattern.