Lord, for this day, thankful to You

Lord, for this day, thankful to You,
I give myself to be joined to You anew.
You're the living water,
Satisfies me ever,
Fills my spirit, in me spreads, and
Floods me till life's fully manifest.
No need for doubt or anxious care,
Just seek His kingdom and righteousness fore'er.
Daily needs compelling,
All to Him I'm telling,
And His peace, so rich and deep,
Preserves me safe and keeps me constantly.
Always rejoice, ceaselessly pray,
In all give thanks, 'tis the all-excelling way.
Christ's the living fountain,
My supply abundant,
All to His hand I entrust, and
He'll preserve and keep me to the end.

Amoy, Fujian, China

Praise the Lord, everyday we just enjoy Him as our living water. Then we become joyful and satisfied. We need to thank our Lord for a new day! Everyday, when we open our eyes in the morning. Oh, Lord Jesus, I love You, thanks for today!

Annie Punzalan

North Caloocan, NCR, Philippines

The moment we can open our eyes, we need also to open our mouth to give thanks and praises to our Lord who preserves us and keep us. The first commandment of the Lord when we received Him as our life is to always rejoice, unceasingly pray, and in everything give thanks (1 Thes. 5:16).

Kevin Lee Poracan

Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte, Philippines

He'll preserve and keep me to the end.

Okojie Andrew

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

I really enjoy this hymn and we really do need to thank God every blessed day. I love You Lord.

Analyn Maghanoy

Molave, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

How I need to be thankful to the Lord for He satisfies us in every way. This hymn refreshed me, I love this hymn so much.