Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art

Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art,
Thou hast fully captured my heart;
None compares with Thee, none on earth or heav'n,
God yet man, most beautiful One!
How I longed to vanish in Thee
When Thy tender voice came to me.
All past loves forsaking most joyfully,
I'd just love Thee — wholeheartedly.
  Who in all the world is as fair as Thee?
Or who else can love so romantic'ly?
Oh, most holy One, now You live in me!
Jesus Lord, I deeply love Thee!
No more trusting self, nor deceived I'd be;
I'd put off my self, just be filled with Thee;
Oh, let all apart from Thee fade and flee;
My one love, my best love, is Thee.
Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art;
I was once rebellious and hard,
But I drop it all now to come to Thee,
Self forsake, that like Thee I'd be.
When I live, be it Thou, I pray,
Not self's will, but God's I'd obey;
To Thine heart attuned, Thy delight I'd seek;
No more struggling, fully at peace.
Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art;
We two never, ever will part;
Thy dear presence is all my breath and might;
Thy dear smile is all my delight.
I would pour my heart out to Thee,
Love Thee, serve Thee, joined utterly;
My eternal portion, dear Lord, is Thee;
My one hope, Thy coming to see.
LJ Ignacio

Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

Jesus Lord my best love Thou art.

Alan Baier

Chula Vista, CA, United States

Wonderful hymn, so glad it was translated into English. Lord Jesus, I love You.


Arlington, TX

Such a sweet love song to my Lord.



Amen need more to be infused by this hymn so touching...

Sam Gomez

General Santos City, Philippines

Sweet song...can't get enough of it.

S.P. Tiu


What an amazing composition...I Love It!

Chun Wang

Dallas, Texas

Though my heart is oft not subdued, still Thy way alone it would choose.

Juan Carlos

Lima, Peru

Oh Lord Jesus!! Precious hymn! My heart is so happy!! You're our center and all!


Kampala, Uganda

Thank You Lord for such a precious hymn. Jesus Lord my best love You are. I confess all looseness, You are my only love.

Jemuel S. Cinso


Indeed, beautiful hymn to the Lord! It's so relaxing. I cannot control my emotion and feelings to the most affectionate one Christ Himself. PTL