Turn, turn my heart to You

Turn, turn my heart to You;
Lord, I confess my heart is untrue.
Turn, turn my wandering heart;
Lord, unto me Thy love impart.
  Lord, I call,
I call on Thee.
You're the only One for me!
Rich, rich, He's rich to all,
Rich unto all that call on His name.
Rich, rich, He's rich, so call;
Now and forever, Jesus the same.
Love, love, the love of God
Flows as a river, full to the brim.
Love, love, I'm filled with love,
Crazy in love with Jesus within.
Ira Hsu

Eugene, OR, United States

Lord, I call... I call on Thee. You bring me into Your fresh dispensing! Hallelujah for a simple way to be turned back to Jesus!


Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

Thank You Lord, You're rich to those who call on You!

Samuel Yu

Austin, TX, United States

“Crazy in love with Jesus within. ”



Beautiful melody.

It's very easy to turn to your spirit. Just call on His name!


San Antonio, TX, United States

Can yall make an instrumental?