Take time to absorb Him

Take time to receive Him—the blessing's outpoured,
And we may obtain it by reading His Word;
We bask in the splendour of His healing light,
And light becomes life, as in Him we delight.
Take time to absorb Him, to gain the supply,
That we may be watered and nourished thereby;
The deeper the roots spread, the deeper the flow,
And richer and higher within us He'll grow.
Take time to inhale Him—His Word we may breathe;
By breathing it, God's very life we receive—
He breathes Himself out so that we may breathe in
The life, the reality, fullness of Him.
Take time to enjoy Him, our portion is He:
Our present, available reality;
Our practical, real, and enjoyable Lord
Is everything to us through His living Word.
Take time to behold Him, gaze oft on His face,
Receiving His Person, and grace upon grace.
By His pleasant shining, infused we will be;
Our faces will glow with His light, radiantly.
Arman G.


Strength and supply come from taking time with the Lord to absorb Him.



Brothers and sisters, we should all ask for the living-water and let the water in our hearts. Also we need to carry out the gospel to everyone, not just enjoy that by ourself, we need to preach out! Let everyone understand the kingdonm of God, the Bible says—when gospel preached unto all the nations, the end shall come!!! We are all chosen to preach the kingdom of God and express God Himself! We are all priests and prophets!!! Even a 10 year old kid if he received the Lord! When we are preaching, the Body of Christ is being built up, then when the Body is fully built up, He will come back!!!