Though I love You, Lord

Though I love You, Lord,
My life seems all deformed.
I give my life to You—
Then drift away.
Lord, may I ask You that You'd draw me yet again,
And keep me running after You.
  Lord, I've seen Your purpose.
Your heart's unveiled to me.
Now I'd just like to see You gain me fully.
Though You I often limit
And fail by compromise,
Keep me in the index of Your eyes.
Lord, I want Your best.
I want Your full blessing.
I don't want any less,
Though good it be.
Have mercy, Lord, to push, to pull, lay hold of me.
Keep me still running toward the prize.
Mold me, shape me, Lord.
Be my reality.
Even break my heart,
If it has to be.
I'm desperate, Lord, that You would have Your way with me.
Others could touch You then through me.
Set my heart aflame.
Don't let me stay the same.
Don't let things remain
Which now grieve You.
My life I give to You and all I've claimed as mine.
May I just hold, Lord, unto You.
Michael Paulo Zamora

Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines

This song reminds me when I saw the vision of God's buliding and consecrated myself to the Lord. It also reflects my experiences of being in the valleys of my Christian life. Once we have seen the Heavenly Vision, once we have consecrated ourselves to the Lord, we are at index of His eyes, and we have no choice but to be fully gained by the Lord for His economy. Thus we become overcomers not by ourselves but by His mercy and dispensing. Amen.

hana sutjiawang

Singapore, Singapore

We may often drift away even without realizing. We have to ask the Lord to continue to draw us, mole us, shape us, even break our heart if it has to be. We have to be desperate to lay hold of Him. O Lord, even keep us in the index of Your eyes. It is difficult to even run after the prize, but do remember that you are not alone! We have the brothers and sister with us! O even the most precious One, the Lord Himself is with us. So Praise the Lord, saints! let run towards the prize together.


Fremont, California, United States

I first learned this hymn on a trip to Washington State last year. Since then, I've had my ups - and plenty of downs in my Christian life. But now, much more than before, I find myself loving Him more and more each day.

The words of this hymn - Seeking for the Lord, by any means, to keep me running after Him - become my daily prayer.

Often, we drift away from Him - and more: we try to compromise with the Lord regarding our heart and time towards Him.

Give yourself to love the Lord, regardless of situations or how you feel at present - stop, and seek to turn to Him, desperate for Him, and Him alone.

I pray, "Lord, I give myself to You; gain me, Lord, fully; Consecrated to You, Lord, alone; I'm desperate for You Lord; turn me Lord to You."


Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

This hymn perfectly matches my heart's longing. Praise the Lord for His love that draws us near... Hallelujah!!! The following lines are very impressive. "I ask You that You'd draw me yet again"

"Even break my heart,

If it has to be."

"Don't let things remain

Which now grieve You."



Lower Hutt, New Zealand

This song always touches me. We all have times where we're feeling up or down, and I think this song is suited for when we are feeling down.

We've seen what the Lord's revealed to us, and through this song we can be refreshed and return to the Lord, even in our doubtful situations. May the Lord be our REALITY - this is through our willingness to turn to the Lord; the Lord will gain us FULLY! We need to be willing for the Lord to work in us, He'll draw us even more to Him each time! It's not on our own that we can do things, we fail all the time (even when we try to "compromise" with the Lord), but the Lord can gain us through our willingness~ :)



This song succinctly utters my longing to the Lord. Though I love Him, my life seems all deformed and I easily drifted away from Him. May the Lord pull, push and lay hold of me that I may just hold unto Him. Oh, to live for Christ and the church is the sole purpose I seek in life.