How glorious is Thy church, Oh Lord

How glorious is Thy church, Oh Lord—
No trace of sin in her.
What myst'ry this: God died as man,
For, oh, He loves her so!
  Glorious, Glorious church,
She is Thy dear Bride;
She was built from Thine own side;
She is the same as Thee.
How precious is Thy Body, Lord;
How costly in Thy sight.
I'd ne'er bring anything of self,
For she is out from Thee.
How faithful is Thyself, dear Lord—
Eternally the same.
Though man may fail to reach Thy will,
Thou shalt obtain Thy Bride.
How subtle is my self, Oh Lord;
Yet I wilt be transformed.
Through Spirit's work—become a stone
To build up Thine own Bride.
How precious is Thy Body, Lord;
How costly in my sight.
I would decrease, and Thee increase
At any cost for her.

Bloemfontein, Freestate, South Africa

Praise the Lord! GLORIOUS CHURCH!!


Roel de Vera

Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

PtL! Lord Jesus! though man may fail to reach Thy will, Thou shall STILL OBTAIN THY BRIDE! Hallelujah!

Lily C

Charlotte, Nc, United States

I love this hymn.

Joy Fuentes

Cebu, Bogo

How precious is Thy church. Praise the Lord that we are His church. We must live by Him. Amen, Amen.

Shaira F. Ylanan

Cebu, Taytayan, Bogo, Philippines

Amen, Amen. We love You, Lord.

Stacy Cabajes

Makati, Manila, Philippines

This is one of my favorite songs. How I love to sing while doing my homework. Truly the church is so glorious that Christ died for her and I am part of it. Amen

Marife Padua Lee

Seoul, South Korea

The church is glorious and precious! She is Thy dear Bride, She was built from Thy own side and She is the same as Thee!!! HALLELUJAH!

Gelly S. Trasporte

Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

My favorite song. The church is what is in God's heart desire. In God's eyes, the church is glorious! The church is wonderful. We must have this kind of vision and revelation. Lord, make us a lover of the church.



"At any cost for her", Lord.