Reading the Bible

  Reading the Bible—
I love the Word of God!
Reading the Bible—
I love the Word of God!
Every verse reveals Yourself to me,
Every line conveys reality.
When I pray the words that You breathed out
You become so real to me.
As I read, I pray, as I pray, I read,
Mingling both as one spontaneously.
You respond within with words so sweet,
I repeat these words to Thee.
I'm a newborn babe—it's the milk I need,
Not the knowledge of the dead teaching.
When I eat Your word, it becomes to me
My heart's joy and rejoicing.
Sweeter than honey, precious more than gold;
It will not be void, but as the rain and snow,
It will do Your will—bear the life divine,
Bearing fruit a hundred-fold.
When my heart is like a rock so cold,
It's Your word so strong that hammers stone,
That the grain of life may come to me
And supply me inwardly.
It's my food, my drink, and my life supply;
I love to eat it every day and night.
I just turn and open up to Him,
And the rivers flow right in.
Noel Raganas

Taguig City, NCR, Philippines

Yes, if we love the Lord Jesus, we need to read the Bible.


Jeremiah 23

Chun Wang

Richardson, Texas, United States

Wonderful song! This is a great reminder for us of many of the wonderful functions of the Bible as the Word of God!

Bob Shalom

Kampala, Uganda

This hymn is one of my favorite one because of its simplicity and how it portrays the word of God especially in terms of grain that gives life. how true whenever we turn to the His word we experience the light, the love and the beauty of our Lord Jesus. I just love to pray-read my bible-- that has helped greatly in the journey of life. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS WORD!


Durham, NC, United States

Durham saints love the Word of God!

Sarah Carter


Awesome song, simple but spot on!

Rosita Enriquez

United States

"When my heart is like a rock so cold,

It’s Your word so strong that hammers stone,

That the grain of life may come to me

And supply me inwardly."

Bethany shared this stanza with the chorus this morning during the sisters reading of "The Knowledge of Life, Ch 10" O, how important is that our hear stays soft!!! Lord give us a soft heart so that the Spirit with our spirit may flow so freely out!!!! And by the spirit spreading in our heart He will make our heart happy!!!!

Joanna Smathers

Baton Rouge, La, United States

Allison mentioned this song in our sisters' meeting this morning. Yes, Lord thank You for Your strong Word that rolls away and hammers stone.


Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines

What a wonderful song. O Lord Jesus! It touches my heart especially my spirit. Lord, thank You for Your Word.....

Ernjay Kim

Iligan, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

How I really love to sing this song. It always urges me to read the Bible and enjoy Christ as the all-inclusive One. We may always have the burden to study and dig more of the truth. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS THE WORD.