Lord, now I see

Lord, now I see,
You only want me to believe;
Not to dwell
In all my failures and defeats;
To believe what You have done,
And not in what I see.
Lord I believe,
When all around me is defeat
And it seems that nothing's changing outwardly.
No! I'm not discouraged,
I'm believing You.
Yes, I believe,
And there is no demand on me.
Simple faith, yes, that is all You want from me.
Freed from anxious doubting—
I'm free to just believe!
Believing You,
Because, Lord, You are my success!
When I fail, all I must do is just confess,
And go on enjoying You—
I love believing You!

Simple faith.

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, I believe!

Rachel Galbreath

Parlin, New Jersey, United States

I think this is an a amazing song. Amen, I believe.


Muntinupa, NCR

I love this song...


La Union

Live in faith. Be humble. Lord, You're so meek, faithful, beautiful and tender.


Compostela, Cebu, Philippines

Truly, the living God is speaking to us through hymns. When I read the lyrics my spirit was revived, and my faith to the Lord was made even stronger than before..I felt the Lord moving within me. We praise Him.

Anna Zhang

New York City, New York State, United States

I love this hymn! We sang it the week I got baptized.


Glen Innes, NSW, Australia

I love this verse particularly:

1 Lord, now I see,

You only want me to believe

Not to change.

In all my failures and defeats

To believe what You have done,

And not in what I see.

I think I've been focusing tooo much on trying to change some things about my life that I believe God wants me to do differently and not enough focusing on God Himself and all He has done. How awesome our God is that He just wants us to believe and enjoy him! O Lord my faith is so weak, help me to just believe and enjoy You. Forgive me for being so discouraged by my failures. Like Peter when he fell after walking on the water, I cry out to You to save me from the sea of depression , self-pity, anger and discouragement I have fallen into. Thank You Jesus that You are faithful. Amen.

God is so good, He uses all kinds of ways to get our attention. He is worthy of all the praise. Amen!


Jakarta, Indonesia

Amen. :) Lord turn my heart and keep me always believing in You... In all my failures and defeats To BELIEVE what YOU HAVE DONE,and not in what I see.

Judy Adams

Atlanta, GA, United States

It brought a lot of comfort during a time of suffering. It's comforting to know we can believe in Him and not on what we see around us.

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