God's love: long, broad, high, and deep

God's love: long, broad, high, and deep,
Indeed beyond measure;
Else how could such a sinner as me,
Be with bountiful grace favored.
My Lord paid a price so great,
To buy me back to Him;
Now willing I'm the cross to bear,
And follow Him to the end.
I now have forsaken all,
In order Christ to gain;
Or life, or death, unworthy a thought,
Not even one backward glance!
Loved ones, desires, wealth and fame,
To me what good are they?
My Lord for me poor and woe became,
For Him I'd be poor today.
I love my Savior Lord,
I only long for His "Yes";
For Him no ease can comfort hold,
All gains a loss became.
You are my true comfort,
My gracious Lord Jesus;
Whom but You have I in heaven?
What else I love on earth?
Suffer, opposed, tossed around,
Hence I will all disregard;
Only I'd ask my Lord with Your love,
Spirit, soul, and body surround.
O Lord, I now beseech You,
Guide me in grace onward;
Stand by and strengthen me all way through,
To pass this dark, evil world.
Satan, the world, and the flesh,
Oft'n tempt and humiliate;
If You don't add me with more strength
I may Your name disgrace!
Now time is running short,
Set me free, O Lord, I pray;
Once You return, I'll sing with joy,
Hallelujah! Amen!
Fancy Permata

Tarakan, North Kalimantan, Indonesia

Praise the Lord! My Lord paid a price so great, to buy me back to Him. Now willing I’m the cross to bear, and follow Him to the end.

delia estimada

Panabo City, Davao Del Norte, Philippines

God's love is so great and immeasurable that reaches the very low and able to save sinner as I. Amen.