O glorious divine love

  Since long before the world began,
In Your heart You longed for a Bride;
'Tis mutual dwelling, Your glorious plan;
With me e'er to abide.

Not knowing Your heart,
I sinned and thus should die;
Yet You shed Your blood to set me free.
You gave me Your life, to me drew nigh;
Wondrous love! We two one forever will be.

O glorious divine love! How can I fathom,
Higher than the sky, deeper than the sea;
It crushes death's pow'r and Satan's kingdom;
Nothing can compare with Your love to me
So fervid and so deep, so gentle and so true;
I'm in love, Lord, with You.

I give You my heart, my life and my soul,
Come suffering or joy whatever betide.
By Your boundless grace, I'll lay down my all
To build up Your church, Your glorious Bride;
Your heart to satisfy, mutual abode we'll be
In eternity.
Thiên Hy Niên

Hồ Chi Minh City, Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam

Great song for me to enjoy.



O Lord Jesus, I love You Lord!

Bambang Gunawan

Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Lord continue to gain and occupy me.


Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Thank you Lord Jesus.. when I heard this song always cry.. :( Not knowing Your heart,

I sinned and thus should die;

Yet You shed Your blood to set me free".... I Love You Lord Jesus



This song really touched me.

New Jerusalem


Thank You God for Your incomparable love.

Ricsen Yaputra

Jakarta, Indonesia

Amen to the God truly loved us all... Praise the Lord.

Sherlyn Rosales

Cotabato City, Church In Tupi, Philippines

I love You Lord...thank You and we praise You Lord for Your divine love. Your heart will satisfy us, to build Your church and to have Your glorious bride. Halellujah, praise the Lord...


Keningau Sabah, Malaysia

I am very interested in this hymn. The first I heard this hymn I think God Jesus has touched my heart.

Roniel Palamos

Makati, Manila, Philippines

O Lord Jesus, Thank You for everything, Thank You for Your glorious divine love that You have given to us and thank you for making us Your bride (church) and setting us free from our sins, Every time I hear this song I'm always reminded that our Lord Jesus made everything for all of us. Thank You Lord Jesus, Amen.