A higher view

Prod me with Your loving hands,
Stir me from my deep impasse.
I long to flee this stagnant rut;
My soul, my prison, deadened lot,
Which end is just to taste Your wrath;
So set me on the narrow path.
Thorns and thistles may line this road
But it leads me to the mutual abode.

Lift me up with Your mighty hand
Above this frenzied earthly land.
Set me on the mount to see
What the world can offer me;
Till I see the vanity from on high
And earthly desires I bid goodbye
And set my eyes on You.
Tan Pham

Sa Dec, Dong Thap, Vietnam

Oh God! thank You. God has shown me the ugliness of this world and His love for me.

Aaron Paul Etcobanez

Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines

We must daily exercise the word of God.


Zamboanga, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

Amen. We must leave the world and set our eyes to God. Amen. We must love Him and we must offer our life by serving Him as our Bridegroom in our wedding with Him. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glina Mira Bean

Rossville, GA, United States

Lord, thank you for this. Anytime that I hear it You remind me that the world is vanity of vanities. Lift me up Your mighty hand. Set me on the mount to see what the world offer me. Lord Jesus...


Pagadian, Molave, Philippines

I love the song. Thank You Lord. Lift me up with Your mighty hand above this frenzied land.

Roniel Aguilar

Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

Amen, praise the Lord.


Puertp Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines

Lord Jesus, Thank you for Your firm word. I trust in You "And I give to them eternal life, and they shall by no means perish forever, and no one shall snatch them out of My hand" I feel very much encouraged singing this song!

G Tahir


We sang this song at the Young Working Saints' Retreat and enjoyed it so much!

Helena Munasque

Iligan City, Philippines

Lift me up with Your mighty hand, LORD!!!

Thuy Diem

Trà Vinh, Vietnam

I like this song. Every time I hear more and love Him more. I feel very much encouraged.