I Love My Master

I love my Master, and I will not go out free.
For He has died for me, the highest price He has paid for me.
I love my Master, I will serve Him willingly.
Remaining near, and close to Him this my plea.
  I love You Master, from You I will never leave.
You are my liberty, and my joy complete.
I love my Master, and I will not go out free.
To Him I give my all, my life eternally!
Oh Jesus, Master, to the door post now bring me.
Open my ears to hear, Your voice and all that You say to me.
Oh Jesus, Master, I will obey willingly.
To love and serve Him all my life, this my plea!
Dhanam Raja

Chengalpet, TN, India

I love my Master.... Lord Jesus You are my Master. I want to serve You

Maurice Ward

United States

Exodus 21:5 says BUT, Oh but if the servant plainly says. We must plainly say to the Lord, I love you master, your wife, and your children; I will not go out free.

Just tell the Lord you plainly love Him each day.


Cheney, WA, United States

I love You Master!

Aksa Evana Joby

Enarkulam, Kerala, India

Amen Lord is my master

I love you master

Elize Malan

London, United Kingdom

I love You master keep me at the doorpost to hear your voice. Even to bore my ear.

The first ordinance of man in the law was regarding slavery we have to follow the Lord Jesus. Being a slave, that was His first position.

He loved His Father and was obedient to Him unto death. He loved his wife and children the church and the saints as an act of obedience to death. Praise God!

Lord give us such a life such a spirit such an obedience!


Hualpén, Concepción, Chile

I love my master!!

So lovely!!

Alguien tendrá la letra al español??


Harlingen Tx, Texas, United States

I love You Master, I will not go out free...

Eric A

Denver, CO, United States

Lord, thank You for the price you paid.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank You Lord for I can love You!

Trish Hume

Kampong Speu, Cambodia

First time I got the app. And I'm enjoying it already.