I want to tell You, Lord

I want to tell You, Lord, how much You mean to me.
Through years of careful molding, Your plan at last I see.
Though pain I've had and suffering too,
Myself I yield at last, Lord, to You.
I want to care for You, the way You've cared for me.
You've been my friend to comfort, received me when I've strayed.
And in return I offer You
My life so small compared, Lord, to You.
I'd like for You to fill me with all that You are.
And empty out my heart from everything You're not.
You've blessed me Lord by finding me.
Possess me now eternally.
Reagan Mthombeni

Lusaka, Zambia

This hymn really gives me strength to live once again.

Surely I need God to empty whatever that is not His and fill me O my Lord with all what you are... Help me that I can care for you as you have cared for me. Amen


London, ON, Canada

I want to care for You the way You've cared for me. In return for all that You have done for me I offer You my life so small compared, Lord, to You.

May my life be for You and Your interest Lord Jesus! Grant me such a privilege!

Zhou, zhu

Saipan, Commenwealth Northen Marianas Island(USA)

Thanks for that. I am grateful all the English songs can have the notes with them. Then we can easily learn. I think this is our need. We ask the Lord to lead in this matter.


Kampala, Uganda

I want to tell You Lord how much You mean to me. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You and I are inseparable and our desire is we stay this way. I yield myself yet so small compared to You my Lord, my love.

Annie Petkau

Belmopan, Belize

This song softens my heart. Lord, I love You and want to live everyday for You alone. Lord, I give myself for You and no one else. Keep me and preserve me Lord! Lord Jesus, I love You.


St. Catharines, Canada

Lord we thank-you for Your faithfulness to us. Lord everyday You continue to mold us, shape us into Your glorious image through Your marvelous grace. Lord may we surrender each day to You!

Aileen J Reeder

I like this song because it helps us relay to God how much He means to us every time we sing this song.