As virgins we must be wise and pure

As virgins we must be wise and pure,
So single to You, Lord to grow and mature.
We're going forth to meet You, our Bridegroom so sweet,
Our touch with You, Jesus, must be intimate.
  Lord, I love You above all,
Watching hourly lest I fall.
We would buy the oil today.
Lord, prepare us, oh, get us ready!
Not only my lamp, Lord, but my vessel too,
Redeeming the time to be filled up with You.
I'm going forth to meet You, my Bridegroom so dear.
I know then at midnight You'll soon, Lord, appear.
Lord, make us ready at any cost
Or else at Your coming we'll suffer great loss.
We don't want to say, Lord, our lamp's going out.
Then it is too late when we hear the great shout.
As virgins we're loving and enjoying You,
Always responding, You're fresh and so new.
Our spirits You're filling and soul saturating.
Our lamps and our vessels we surrender to You.

how wonderful song...very touching as God's people we must be a lover of Christ absolutely for Him having a single heart towards Him loving Him above all things giving Him a first place in our hearts enthroning Him as our Lord and King ! We must be a wise and pure Virgin as a bride of Christ having extra oil in our soul while waiting our bridegroom we should not fall into asleep we need to be watchful while waiting Him hallelujah soon our Lord will comeback to take us and to be with Him ! I really love this song.... today our God is all inclusive spirit is available to us we need to buy this spirit by paying a price like the 5 Virgin in luke 15.... the prudent slave has extra oil in there lamp...and they watch.. the bridegroom come at means the church is in degradation....dark age....hallelujah we need to redeem our time to be filled with the Holy Spirit in our spirit and to our a vessel of God...... for the wedding feast....

Juan Carlos Bejarano

La Paz, Bolivia

Dear Lord, please transform us in this age at any cost. We do not want to suffer great loss. I love You, Lord.

Kim Flores

Iligan, Philippines

Lord , make us ready!

Marlon Tecson


Lord, make us ready at any cost

Or else at Your coming we'll suffer great loss.

Lord I love You.

Marriane Ang

Cebu, Philippines

Truly the Lord showers the Lord's recovery with a lot of wonderful songs for all the saints to enjoy and make us all virgins wise and pure loving and enjoying the most wonderful Person in this universe: our LORD JESUS CHRIST. I love You, Lord, and make this song true in me.

Vincent Ederosas

Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

I love You Lord and I want to love You more.

Jona Pancho

Polomolok, South Cotabato, Philippines

I really love this song because it reminds me of my first love towards the Lord! We need to be those who love the Lord out of a pure heart. The more we say Lord Jesus, come, the more He will make us ready for His coming. Lord, make us ready at any cost!

Levie Paden

Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Lord, I love You above all...

Loucil Grace Ronda

Oroquieta City, Mis.occ, Philippines

Lord prepare us to get us ready. AMEN!!!


Mystic, CT, United States

We are the Lord's bride! Hallelujah!