Just to be in You

Just to be in You as You're in me.
Just abide in You, Lord, constantly.
Here I'm one with You, as You're with me.
Here we're joined as one, Lord, mutually.
  God's dispensing, His economy,
In His Trinity,
He's transfusing, and He's mingling
All He is to me.
I am just a branch, and You're the vine.
As I dwell in You, everything is fine.
Here I'd like to be, Lord, all the time.
Here I'm Yours, dear Lord, and You are mine.
I'm a branch that's been, Lord, grafted in.
I'm supplied in You in this life union.
Here Your riches, Lord, in this sweet life flow.
As I dwell in You, I will surely grow.
As I dwell in You, and You in me,
Here I'm joined to You, Lord, practically.
As I stay with You, as You're with me,
We will mingle, Lord, subjectively.
As I'm loving You and enjoying You, Lord,
You become in me the rhema word.
Here I'll pray in You as You pray in me.
You'll bear fruit in me, Lord, abundantly.
As I dwell in You, Lord You're flowing through.
Lord, You're filling me, overflowing too.
Here we all are one and expressing You.
Here our joy is full as we dwell in You.
Glen Tomd

Sydney, NSW, Australia

I miss Howard so much.

Here you make my Joy full

Sister Vali

Tirana, Albania

As I dwell in You, and You in me,

Here I’m joined to You, Lord, practically.

Marieth Siku

Houston, Texas, United States

Dispense, dispense, and dispense the Lord!

Emmanuel Piedrabuena

Buenos Aires City, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Do we have this hymn translated from English to Spanish??

Nelson Liu

Anaheim, CA, United States

We used this song for our yp gospel meeting in Anaheim! Lord, dispense!!

Ryan Danek

United States

I long just to be with You, Lord.

Gregg H Ost

Beaumont, TX, United States

How I love His dispensing!


Ficksburg, Free State, South Africa

The triune God dispensing Himself in to us, is His economy - His plan.

David Mudama

London, Erith, United Kingdom

Am the branch and You're the VINE. Amen.

Cassandra Grace

Tucson, Arizona, United States

I love this hymn! God dispensing Him economy in His Trinity! The Father is the source the Son is the course and the Spirit is the flow, flowing God into us dispensing His economy! The divine economy is God's plan to dispense Christ into His chosen people to produce constitute and build up the organic Body of Christ!