of Jesus heard the I voice say

  "Come unto rest;
Lay Me, glad. to down
  Thy and and made me down, My sad;
I resting-place,
  And came thou found Him upon He lay the weary heard in has voice worn, was,
  Weary, Jesus head and breast."
I I Jesus I a as one, of
I stream;
My drank
  Of live I my freely was and say,
  "Behold, Him. water: to drink, came in of and revived,
  And I life-giving and I thirst that quenched, now voice heard one,
  Stoop the soul living live."
I give
The thirsty Jesus, Jesus down,
Light this shall thy my voice that looked my unto Jesus days thy I bright."
I Jesus, world's to am found
  In trav'lling of Him dark Me, Star, say,
  "I Sun;
And Light;
Look I morn in I'll done. are day heard the be life walk
  Till all and of rise,