Now the Lord our souls has fed (Alternate Tune)

Now the Lord our souls has fed,
With Himself, the Living Bread;
Fed us, sitting at His feet,
With the finest of the wheat.
We have endless treasure found;
We have all things and abound;
Rich abundance and to spare;
Shall we not the blessing share?
For, while we are feasting here,
Starving millions, far and near,
Call us with the bitter cry:
Come and help us, or we die.
In this day of full increase,
Shall we, can we, hold our peace?
Staying here we do not well;
Now then, let us go and tell:
Tell how He hath set us free,
How He leads triumphantly;
How He satisfies our need;
How His rest is rest indeed.
Speak, for we, Thy servants, hear;
Thou hast taught us not to fear;
And whate'er Thy word shall be,
We can do it, Lord, in Thee.

Salem, Oregon, United States

I never before have sung this hymn until I found it here. This song writer has another song found on that stirs my heart much in faith, "I Thank Thee Lord That Thou Hast Shown," hymn 521, new tune. That is how I came to also find this new heart's treasure by following the link to her other songs. Praise the Lord for the saints that have gone before and left to us their own precious faith as a portion of their Christ willed to us.