When I've run the race before me

When I've run the race before me
And have fought to victory,
I'll be raptured to the glory of the Lord;
When I've kept the faith at any cost,
The Holy City then
I'll receive as my reward.
  I'll be raptured into glory,
In the Holy City dwell—
New Jerusalem, New Jerusalem;
With the overcomers shouting,
How our praises then will swell,
In the New Jerusalem.
As a pilgrim here I wander;
While afflicted, I rejoice,
For a better land I soon expect to see;
Though all others seek for earthly gain,
The Holy City e'er
Will my aspiration be.
Though my feet are often wearied
On the rough and rugged path,
Just by thinking of that city, I'm restored;
Though my eyes be filled with tears,
My heart will evermore be fixed
On that City, my reward.
With strong purpose I now wrestle,
And I run toward the goal;
I pursue the prize, God's highest to obtain;
Pressing forward toward the mark,
I run forgetting all behind,
Thus the Holy City gain.
  By His love and through His grace I'll
In the Holy City live—
New Jerusalem, New Jerusalem;
All saints leaping, singing, shouting,
To the Lord their praises give,
In the New Jerusalem.
Rosaline Rowe-Taylor

Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

This song always usher me into the sweet foretaste of the reality of the New Jerusalem which is the full mingling of God with man an a mutual dwelling place for eternity.

The 'New Jerusalem is a sign, a symbol signifying the glorious fulfilment of God's eternal purpose according to the desire of His heart to have a corporate expression of Himself in Christ as the Firstborn Son and the many believers in Christ as the many sons. The New Jerusalem is not a physical city as is often construed. The New Jerusalem is one of the two greatest signs in the Bible (Rev. 21:2).

It was for this God created us, redeemed us, regenerated us and is transforming us, conforming us to the glorious image of His son. By being one spirit with the Lord, loving Him intensely above all else. we will receive the revelation, vision and experience of the New Jerusalem as a foretaste in this age. May we keep dreaming of the New Jerusalem until we are ushered into the reality. This song always ushers me into the foretaste of the divine reality. Hallelujah for the New Jerusalem.


Elmont, New York, United States

New Jerusalem! New Jerusalem! Looking to the Lord and opening up to Him to allow Him to shine on, in, and through me... This age is coming to a consummation and how I need to be delivered from every earthly entanglement. We see in Colossians how Christ is the reality of all positive things in the universe (Col. 1:-3:11). He is our real rest, food, drink, covering, life... We must pursue to know Christ by experiencing Him in a full way day by day.

May we not be defrauded into thinking that salvation is the goal. Even the church-life is not the goal... but the means to reach the goal. Praise the Lord for the New Jerusalem - a composition of all God's chosen, redeemed, regenerated, transformed, and glorified people built up for His "satisfaction in love" and "utmost rest" for all eternity for His expression! What a blessing, what a privilege to be a part of it! Praise the Lord!!! We have a glorious eternal future! Dear Lord Jesus, how I repent for allowing anything to come in to occupy my heart, even "good" things. Thank Your Lord Jesus!!! You are everything to me!!! We love You Lord!!!