Thy dwelling place, O Lord, I love

Juan Carlos Bejarano

La Paz, Bolivia

I love that dweling place, where I can find confort and peace. Hallelujah!!!!!


Riverside, CA, U.S.A.


From the aforementioned brief outline of the history of the church, we can observe that only those who remain in the line of the Lord's recovery can see and receive the revelation concerning the church. Outside the Lord's recovery it is difficult to see much concerning the church. What people in the denominations and sects in Christianity see is altogether religion with its organization; thus, they are utterly ignorant concerning the church. Hymns, #852, which came out of the vision concerning the church in the Lord's recovery, describes how sweet, lovely, and precious the church is to a lover of the Lord. , Stanza 1 says,

Thy dwelling-place, O Lord, I love;

It is Thy Church so blessed,

It is Thy joy and heart's delight

And where Thy heart finds rest.

This hymn not only shows that the church is God's dwelling place, bride, and Body but also expresses the saint's love for and consecration to the church. Stanzas 3 and 4 say,

For her, Thou hast become my life,

That she my living be;

For her, I would forsake myself,

That she be filled with Thee.

The church is Thy beloved Bride,

Thou in Thy Body seen;

She is my joy and heart's desire,

The one on whom I lean.

In the table of contents of our hymnal there is a category called "The Church." It covers the church as the mystery of Christ, the increase of Christ, the fullness of Christ, the vessel of Christ, and the lampstand of Christ. It also covers the church's general definition, course, faith, unity, foundation, building, attraction, coordination, and fellowship. Hymns, #824 is on the general definition of the church, whereas #852 is on the attraction of the church. Perhaps many of us have been in the church life for a number of years, yet we are still not clear about the definition of the church, nor do we know what kind of price we need to pay when we are attracted by the church. These two hymns reveal to us these two aspects of the truth. I hope that we all can earnestly study the truths contained in our hymns.