His promises indelible

His promises indelible,
  His words are firmly fixed.
Faith has no need of witnesses,
  From word to deed is fixed.
  Heav'n and earth will be set afire,
High mountains and hills will expire;
Souls in faith in Him retire
  Knowing His word is sure.
Oh, with a heart like Abraham's
  Look up into the sky
And count the stars, not problems brief;
  Faith firm will testify.
There's dark clouds thick and threatening,
  But just above, it's bright;
By waiting just a few more hours,
  The morning brings pure light.
In face of persecution calm,
  E'en in the furnace flame;
Our work together with the Son
  Will cause the devil's shame.
Our friends may even forsake us,
  So we approach God's face;
Jesus Himself our power is,
  Provider of our grace.
In everything His power trust
  Until the rapture own.
The things that we believe in will
  One day be fully shown.