Abba, Father, we approach Thee...

Abba, Father, we approach Thee,
Led by Thy beloved Son,
Offer up our praise and worship,
Bask in Thy Paternal love.
Thou art on the throne rejoicing,
Thine eternal plan is done—
Through His death and resurrection
We've become Thy many sons.
Bread and cup upon the table,
Which we did partake as one,
Symbolize what was accomplished
By Thy dear beloved Son.
For His body for us broken,
Cut a new and living way;
Through it we can now come forward
And can "Abba Father" say.
Precious blood already flowing,
Blotted out our sin and stain;
All Thy righteous indignation
Can no more on us remain.
For His blood stands e'er before Thee,
For us speaking better things.
Thus He's silenced the accuser
And we're freed from guilt and shame.
What is man, O God, before Thee?
Lower than angelic hosts;
Yet Thou seekest to regain us
Lov'st us to the uttermost.
Only man gains Thy forgiveness,
(Not the angels who rebelled)
Praise Thee, Father, Praise unceasing
For Thy grace unparalleled.
Antonius Van Alphen

Markham, Ontario, Canada

Glory to Jesus who has put away sin. GOD IS HAPPY, GOD IS REJOICING!! Let us offer up the highest worship by joining in with the Father. Rejoicing, rejoice, rejoice and again I say rejoice...