Abba, we come, and low we bow before Thee

Abba, we come, and low we bow before Thee,
Kneeling, we worship, with whole heart adore Thee,
Nor cattle nor sheep, Thy requisite offering;
In spirit, "reality"—Christ—we bring.
Abba, "I AM," eternal, self-existing,
Ancient of Days who forever shall be,
Thy throne in the heav'ns established aboundeth
In holiness, glory, authority.
Hopeless and helpless, blackened by offenses,
How could we dare to entreat for forgiveness?
We only had seen Thine impartial righteousness,
Never Thine heart full of love for us.
Yet from Thy bosom, Thy dear Son Thou sendedst,
To reveal fully Thy wondrous self to us;
Each day sinners waited yet for redemption,
Enthroned, Thou could'st no satisfaction find.
Thine only Son Thou briefly didst abandon
Just to gain us who were lost in transgression;
Allow'dst Him to die in anguish, forsaken,
To open our way to draw nigh to Thee.
Thy Son beloved didst die for us, O Father;
Now we're Thy sons, into Thy name we gather;
Thou once didst inspire great fear in our hearts
But "Abba," dear Father today Thou art.
Thy love so deep, Thy grace so all-surpassing
Abba, Thy sons ne'er could pay back such blessing;
We can but o'erflow with gratitude ever,
And worship and praise Thee forevermore.
"Reality" in verse 1 refers to Christ.
Heidi B.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States

"God is more ready to forgive than we are to be forgiven." -Dr. Curtis Hutson

Bernald Clarete

Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines

Very good for the worship of the Father.

Bob Baer

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

This is a rich and tender hymn