Praying to express the Lord (Alternate Tune)

Praying to express the Lord,
We must not ourselves express,
But let Christ reveal Himself,
His desire in us impress.
Praying to express the Lord,
We must utter His intent,
Quieting our human thoughts
That with His our mind be blent.
Praying to express the Lord,
Ever looking unto Him
As a mirror to reflect
All His glory from within.
Praying to express the Lord,
Letting Him beseech in us;
Christ indwelling prays within
To the Christ in heaven thus.
Praying to express the Lord,
Learning not to pray by self,
Praying wholly with the Lord,
Praying only by Himself.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Lucy Indika Mukoyani

Nairobi, Kenya

Thanks so much for this song. I love it. God bless. It makes me feel happy when I feel sad and when am down. Thank you. Glory to glory, Amen.

Shirley DeHart

Trinity, NC, United States

Well, I was enjoying trying to sing along with the lyrics. That being said, I would like to go back to the lyrics now. Thank You for this blog! I have read some of the material and have enjoyed it.

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