In the mighty Name of Jesus

In the mighty Name of Jesus,
  When we bow before the throne,
Many deadly foes are vanquished,
  Many victories are won.
  Mighty Name! Mighty Name!
In that Name alone we win.
Mighty Name! Mighty Name!
  Conquering Satan, death and sin.
When we plead the Name of Jesus,
  Satan and his hosts must flee.
Jesus! Jesus! Precious Jesus!
  In Thy Name is victory.
Soon shall come the blessed moment
  When the battle shall be won,
When the Mighty Name of Jesus
  Shall exalt us to the throne.
Leslie Nicholson

United States

Yes and AMEN.

Lillian Martinez de Ginestre

Gurabo, Puerto Rico, United States

Mighty Name of Jesus...He is the One and Only!!! Amennnnnnnn!!

Janet Ansah

Bronx, New York, United States

Hallelujah! In that Mighty Name of Jesus Christ alone we win! Lord Jesus I'm thankful for Your Name! Jesus is Lord!

Alison Hills

Wonderful words and tune. Thank You Lord. I luv it.

Jesaja Tangeni Hamalwa


One of my favourite Hymn from my childhood. Thanks God

Grace Jesus

London, United Kingdom

Praise the mighty name of Jesus!


Accra, Agbami Street 4, Ghana

How are you ALL in the mighty name of Jesus?

C. L.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Praise the Lord! We have the mighty name of our Lord Jesus in us! I've enjoyed this portion - (excerpt from HWMR "The Prayer of the Age" Week 4 – Day 3 pp. 68-69; reference: Watchman Nee, The Prayer Ministry of the Church pp. 49-52, 55-59):

"The Lord is bold enough to commit His name to our hand, and He is allowing us to use this name. The Lord trusts us to the extent that He dares to commit His name to our hands and allow us to use this name. This is the meaning of being in the name of the Lord Jesus. Being in the name of the Lord means that the Lord Jesus has given Himself to us and that He is willing to acknowledge everything that we do in His name. He is willing to bear all the consequences of us doing things in His name.

Today He has ascended to the heavens and is sitting on the right hand of the Father, waiting for the enemy to be His footstool. He is there as the High Priest, and He is praying there. This is His job. As to His work on earth, He has committed it to the church. Therefore, the church has the authority to use His name today. Consequently, the Lord has to take responsibility for the church's use of His name." Amen!

Doris L.

Akron, OH, United States

Never graduate from calling on the Lord Jesus. (The best way to touch the Lord Jesus, to enjoy the Lord Jesus, to share something of the Lord Jesus, is not to say very much, but to go to the Lord and call, "Jesus! Jesus! Lord Jesus!" call on the name of Jesus and you will taste something.) Life-study of Matt.