Pressed out of measure, pressed beyond all length

Pressed out of measure, pressed beyond all length;
Pressed so intensely, seeming beyond strength;
Pressed in the body, pressed within the soul,
Pressed in the mind till darksome surges roll.
  God is my hope and God is my joy;
He is the resurrection life I enjoy.
Pressure by foes, and pressure from our friends;
Pressure on pressure, till life nearly ends;
Pressed into knowing none to help but God,
Pressed into loving both the staff and rod.
Pressed into liberty where nothing clings,
Pressed into faith for hard and hopeless things;
Pressed into life, a life in Christ the Lord,
Pressed into life, the life of Christ outpoured.
Suja Reddy

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

How the Lord beautifully supplies! The hymn speaks to me a great deal when nothing else truly ruched the depths of heart. Praise Christ for His resurrection life.

Toyin Diyan

London, United Kingdom

Christ is the resurrection life I enjoy! Lord Jesus I love You. Thank You for Your life. Teach oh teach me to abide in You as my source. Amen.

Sharon Torgerson

Damascus, OR, United States

I'm delighted to see this wonderful old hymn melody connected to Annie Johnson Flint's poem. Just discovered this today as I was going to find her poem again - it's a difficult week in my world, and I often find that her accurate portrayal of the Spirit's work in us as He disciplines and encourages us to stand, and learn, and rest-in-the-midst - yes, her portrayal of that encourages me. Beautiful musical selection to go with it - thank you.

Marlene Price

Centurion, Gauteng Rsa, South Africa


Betsy Cooke

Concord, North Carolina, United States

This is my first day on this website. I am moved to tears to find the loving comments of so many lovers of Christ across the world. Your love for Him and others makes this beautiful song resound and resound across all of creation. Surely our trials press us closer to Him and then He in His goodness presses us in love to each other.