Wait on Jehovah, our strength to restore

Wait on Jehovah, our strength to restore;
Spread eagles' wings; rise above the shore.
By resurrection, to heavenlies soar;
Run without wearying; faint no more.
Up! To the heavens! Leave all behind us!
Earth's broken fetters no more can bind us!
Seek Christ's commission; press onward with Him;
Declare God's kingdom to all mankind!
  God's great eagle, mighty, soaring,
Reigns evermore as Zion with the Lord.
Care for God's interests and not for our own;
Let Christ replace us and take the throne.
Oneness with Christ's like an eagle in flight;
Be overcomers; prevail with might.
Bring full salvation to every nation;
New church trees planting, spread by migration.
Be the Lord's witness; follow the Spirit;
Shine, golden lampstands, kingdom to hail!