Hear my song, wondrous love

Hear my song, wondrous love:
Jesus came from above,
On the cross crucified,
He released to us God's life divine;
Oh what joy! We're forgiv'n!
No more thirst—Christ came in!
In my heart, joined for aye,
He flows forth, a river from me.
Christ the Lord is not far,
In your mouth, in your heart;
Simply call Jesus' name,
Into you He comes without delay;
Tasting, I testify:
Boundless love! Rich and deep!
All who will, come, draw nigh,
From salvation's streams freely drink.
Steve Husting

Fountain Valley, CA, United States

"In your heart, in your mouth"

The simplicity of faith. The just shall live by faith and draw nigh to this boundless love.


Chatham, NJ, United States

Once starting singing it, I just could not stop singing. What a joy in my heart.

Ravi Mathew

Delhi, New Delhi, India

This hymn is wonderful. At my work when I sing this, not only me but my environment star enjoying with me.

During my singing I mostly find myself in trance.

Please make the piano tune as soon as possible.