Deep down into the depths of this Thy Name

Deep down into the depths of this Thy Name,
My God, I sink and dwell in calm delight;
Thou art enough however long the day,
Thou art enough however dark the night.
Thou art my God—the All-Sufficient One,
Thou canst create for me whate'er I lack;
Thy mighty hand has strewn the lonely track
With miracles of love and tender care
For me Thy trusting one. My God I dare
Once more to fling myself upon Thy breast,
And there adore Thy ways in faith's deep rest,
And there adore Thy ways in faith's quiet rest.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Deep down into the depths of this Thy Name,

My God, I sink and dwell in calm delight. This is real paradise. What else is more than this? Oh Lord Jesus <3


Buda, TX, United States



Santa Barbara, CA, United States

"Thou are my God - the All Sufficient One"

If we have history with God, then God is My God.

A Brother

Michigan, United States

"Thou art enough however long the day, /

Thou art enough however long the night."

Sometimes we may think that the Lord, being our faithful Shepherd, should fix a certain situation for us, or bring us out of a certain circumstance, and yet He doesn't. Perhaps this is because He wants us to know that He is enough for us, even for going through that situation and for remaining in that circumstance. If He fixed the situation, we would only have one positive and somewhat shallow experience of Him, but if He continually supplied us with Himself while we endure through that situation, we would learn how to continually come to Him and fellowship with Him, and perhaps even to abide in Him.

If we are quick to complain when He doesn't fix our problems, then there could never be much depth in our dependence on Him.

Thank You Lord for everything!

Dawn Foo

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thou art enough, Thou art enough,Tho art my God--the All-Sufficient One. I fling myself unto Thy breast. Such great comfort and rest!

Henry Francis B. Espiritu

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Oh my Beloved Lord! Thou art to me as my enablement! Thou art the All-Sufficient One and I am nothing! Oh to be nothing so I may gain Thee as my everything! Oh Lord, oh my Beloved, Thou art my All-in-All and without Thee I am just a dust--an insignificant speck in this ephemeral universe. With Thee, I am complete! Without thee I am barren, forlorn and desolate. Oh Thou Almighty One, Thou art my Guide and Stay and I am continually a pain to my own self without Thy abiding presence! Do not withhold Thy Presence away from me. Oh Beloved Lord, at Thy Banqueting Table, Thou hast filled me with all the good things and Thou hast feed me with Thy own choicest gift--Thy very own Life Itself! Oh my All-Sufficient One! Oh my Beloved Lord, what can I ask but to surrender at Thy resplendent feet and become Thy insignificant slave! Better a day at Thy footstool than listening to the noises of my self-life! Amen!

Mark Estrella

Brea, CA, United States

I appreciate that this hymn reminds us of our lack, we lack Him no longer for His blood has paid our endless debt. By resurrection He has silenced all our death. Now we enjoy the calm of His own rest.

Isaiah Tor

Sydney, NSW, Australia

The sweetness of this hymn lies not merely in the provision of the Lord for all our needs, but also that in so enjoying His provision and all-inclusive care we "sink", dwell deeply in the riches of His Person, His name. As we dwell in this All-sufficient One, He creates for us "whate'er" we lack, denoting to us that He is the God who call things not being as being. Such a provision is in our apprehension of Him as the God of resurrection, the One who is within us supplying all that we need both inwardly and outwardly. It is in such a sweet, available and intimate One, that we "fling", not only our cares, but ourselves upon His "breast", and there adore His ways in faith's deep rest!

Hymns, #671 is a hymn that I treasure greatly and sing often, for its content matches my experience throughout my life.