The Lord is my greatest love

The Lord is my greatest love,
He's won me completely;
As Comforter He ever brings
Timely help and sympathy.
He died, that I be redeemed,
He rose, a life-giving Stream;
Now He in me abides,
My peace, my joy, my life;
Dear Lord! How I love Thee,
Evermore, I love Thee!
The church is my home sweet home,
She fills all my longing,
The Lord's beloved bride is she,
All my days for her shall be.
O home full of love and care!
God's river of life we share;
I'm strengthened every day,
And guided all the way;
Dear Church! How I love Thee,
Home sweet home, I love Thee!

Irving, Tx

Christ Our peace and the Church our home! Thank You Lord Jesus for this most dear reality!