If it die, oh, hear the message (Alternate Tune)

"If it die," oh, hear the message
  Falling from thy Lord,
"If it die," much fruit it beareth,
  'Tis thy Savior's word.
Would'st thou see life work in others,
  Thou thyself must die.
Fall into the ground, be buried,
  Low in darkness lie.
But He leaves thee not in darkness,
  Light shall greet thine eyes,
And in glad new life and glory
  He shall bid thee rise.
Dost thou crave to tread the pathway
  And His life to share?
As thou passest thru death's gateway
  He will meet thee there.
Thou shalt learn the blessed secret,
  He shall live that dies;
From a life poured out in secret
  Shall a harvest rise.