Deep in me, Lord, mark Thou Thy holy Cross

Deep in me, Lord, mark Thou Thy holy Cross,
On motives, choices, private dear desires.
Let all that self in any form inspires
  Be unto me as dross.
And when Thy touch of death is here and there
Laid on a thing most precious in mine eyes.
Let me not wonder, let me recognize
  The answer to my prayer.

Canistota, SD, United States

Amy Carmichael wrote this. If I recall correctly it is in the book, Toward Jerusalem, (which I lent out or I would check).

Juan Manuel Landázuri

Republic, MO, United States

Amen brothers! So needed every day to rid of self and focus on receiving grace. Thankful for these hymns!

B Harrelson

Salem, OR, United States

The prayer that is this hymn has always touched me deeply, because through all of our ups and downs, no matter what, we can believe and trust that the Lord is faithful. We don’t know the many hidden things we hold on to in our soul, but He does. This kind of sincere prayer, releases us from our self-bound soul and makes the way for Him to fill us with Himself.

Let me not wonder, let me recognize

The answer to my prayer.

Thank You Lord Jesus!

A. Rodrigues

I'm so thankful that Jesus bore the cross for my sins. As I await His soon return I am so thankful that He is teaching me daily how to die to my selfish desires.. He is purifying us! I long to be ready to dwell with Him and His heavenly angels. What a great hope and privileged we all have! We are not worthy of His love. Isn't He wonderful to give us the chance to make it to heaven. 😊

Erastus Too

Nairobi, Rift Valley, Kenya

I'm blessed on this day onwards.

Rosita Enriquez

Anaheim, Ca, United States

Good song, short but powerful. O Lord the cross on any motive, choice, or deep desires; in our experience the only way to take our cross happens when turn to our spirit and contact the One who bore the cross...Lord, our crosses are for our transformation, restriction, limitation... thank You for each cross..let's be encouraged, a reward :) comes to those who take each cross instead of the enjoyment of our soul in this age.

Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Out of love for the Lord, I often would ask Him that His cross would go deep within me to touch any hidden thing that resists, comprises or competes with Him. Yet many times His cross comes to touch something I didn't really ask for or expect, something precious in my eyes. Lord, thank You for answering my prayer in Your way.