One thing I of the Lord desire

One thing I of the Lord desire,
For all my path hath miry been:
Be it by water or by fire,
Oh, make me clean, oh, make me clean!
  So wash me, Thou, without, within,
Or purge with fire, if that must be;
No matter how, if only sin
  Die out in me, die out in me.
I watch to shun the miry way,
And staunch the springs of guilty thought;
But, watch and struggle as I may,
Pure I am not, pure I am not.
If clearer vision Thou impart,
Grateful and glad my soul shall be,
But yet to have a purer heart
Is more to me, is more to me.
Yea, only as this heart is clean
May larger vision yet be mine,
For mirrored in the depths are seen
The things divine, the things divine.

Brentwood, Berbice, Guyana

This hymn is the most beautiful ever and its lyrics, so meaningful, always make me cry. Just one thing: the verse you have as the second is really the last the way I learned it. So matter how hard I try, pure I am not.

Carol Anglin

Montego Bay, Mount Carey, Jamaica

This song came to me immediately after I was through praying this morning, I carefully went through the words and want this to be the true desire of my heart especially as I serve in God's cause.



After praying I started singing this song I did not know the words....but this is truly my heart's desire. This is a powerful prayer in song ...the Holy Ghost is right all the time!! Blessings to all.

Alicia Woolery

Montego Bay, Normandy District

Today I wake up with this song. I asked the Holy Spirit that all the words may come true in my life that I maybe cleanse from all my sins. Thank You Jesus for Your blood.

Novie Coleman

St Catherine, Jamaica, Jamaica

Thanks for sharing this with us — a wonderful prayer for God's cleansing.


New York, NY, United States

Praise God for His cleansing. Be it by water or by fire, I want to be like Jesus! Bless His name He will keep me thru it all!


Nairobi, Kenya

My greatest hymn of all times. I sing it all the time. When happy, sad, down, I thank God. Thanks for such great words.

Evett Hall

Teaneck, New Jersey, United States

When at work and need to be reminded of the atmosphere of prayer and praise your work supported me with just what I needed. Thank you!


Houston, TX, United States

I thank God for the ministry of this song to my heart. Wash, Lord, and make me clean.


Benin, Edo, Nigeria

Thank God for His promise of perfect of cleansing for the hungry soul. I thank Him too for making this blessed song available through you. May we share in His Eternal bliss after a lifetime of a spotless walk with Him through this filthy domain.