Gone from my heart the world and all its charms

Gone from my heart the world and all its charms;
Now through the blood I'm saved from all alarms;
Down at the cross my heart is bending low;
The precious blood of Jesus cleanses white as snow.
  I love Him, I love Him,
Because He first loved me,
  And purchased my salvation on Calv'ry's tree.
Once I was lost, and fallen deep in sin;
Once was a slave to passions fierce within;
Once was afraid to meet an angry God,
But now I'm cleansed from every stain thro' Jesus' blood.
Once I was bound, but now I am set free;
Once I was blind, but now the light I see;
Once I was dead, but now in Christ I live,
To tell the world around the peace that He doth give.
David Beach

Upper Marlboro, MD, United States

Enjoying this gentle hymn after some time.

The words and title in Stephen Foster's version differed, the first line being "Gone are the days." The chorus also differed, intoning, "I'm coming, I'm coming, "

In 1909, a version was later copy-written with the lyrics here, "as arranged by Daniel B. Towner. " Some hymnals attribute the lyrics as anonymous. Less-recognized today, Foster was a prolific writer of his era, and created many classic tunes. Perhaps a good time to re-discover more of his writings.


United States

I love how this song states in such a simple yet profound way the miracle Christ works in us!!

Danny Kreiser

Braden, TN, United States

Thank God for another hymn that accurately testifies of the new life in Christ. The problem with so much "discipleship" these days is we are trying to prop up old Adam and make him look alive when he is actually still dead in trespasses and sins! When a man is truly born of God (Jn.1:13) he becomes a new creature in Christ (2Cor.5:17), old things pass away, and behold all things are become new! (the world has lost its charm). Intimate fellowship and communion once lost in Adam are restored in Christ Jesus, purchased by His own blood. It's good to be set free from the chains of sin and death, to see the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, to be alive from the dead, to have peace with God and the peace of God, to love Him with the love He put in me by the new birth! Hallelujah!!!

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Amen, sister Sarai!

Sarai Johnson

Anytown, Anystate, United States

First John Four verse Nineteen reads, "We love Him, because He first loved us." And, so we see the lyricist of this lovely, melodious hymn include this verse in the chorus.

Separation from the world must be taught from the get go as soon as person is born again, or he or she may fall into the worldly trappings that has ensnared many of the young people today, that is, they find themselves settled in the world again right after coming to the Lord Jesus.

And, it is not their fault for not going forward into the divine things that pertain to Godliness, but it may be our fault.

Are we spending time teaching these new ones, or are we absorbed by other things, than in taking time to teach these new ones who are in great need to be taught?

Or will we remain silent and let them all have it their own way. And, by letting them have it their own way, instead of the Bible way, we give them up to be taken into the strong tide of the end time apostasy, that is, the falling away from the words of God.

Now, the words of the Apostle John in that he said, "Love not the World" is falling on deaf ears, as the youth of today that have confessed Christ are drawn away to play hours of hours of video games, and to watch hours of football, and other sports, and entertainments on television.

If they do not pick up the plow to labour in the Harvest of the Lord now, who will be saved tomorrow? How many will go unsaved, because many of the present generation and past generation are slothful in the work of the Lord, which work is to disciple all the nations.

I never thought I see the day that genuine born again believers refuse to take heed to the Apostle's teaching of not loving the world. As if loving the world take preeminence and has some actual worth, rather than loving our dear Lord Jesus Christ Who gave His own blood to wash us from our sins. He has loved us, and has made us kings and priests unto God and His Father. And, in view of this, many prefer to love the world, and the things of the world?