Amidst us our Beloved stands

Amidst us our Beloved stands,
And bids us view His pierced hands;
Points to the wounded feet and side,
Blest emblems of the Crucified.
What food luxurious loads the board
When, at His table, sits the Lord!
The wine how rich, the bread how sweet,
When Jesus deigns the guests to meet!
If now, with eyes defiled and dim,
We see the signs, but see not Him;
Oh, may His love the scales displace,
And bid us see Him face to face!
Thou glorious Bridegroom of our hearts,
Thy present smile Thy grace imparts!
Oh, lift the veil, if veil there be,
Let every saint Thy glory see!
John Purdie

Sarasota, Florida, United States

This hymn is not sung outside the Brethren Circles, in my experience..

Having been gloriously saved at a Gospel Hall meeting in Scotland, in 1959 where this song was often sung.

I had been a member of the Church of Scotland, actively involved playing the Church organ, piano, church bells. But was persuaded by a close friend to attend their youth rally, I did and thus, I was wondrously saved.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

I called this song at my church's Lord's Table this past Lord's Day. It was very touching. There were a lot of testimonies of how easy it is to see the signs that the Lord instituted, yet not see Him.

Brad Mason

Shanghai, China

You shared this hymn with us in a meeting once brother Wes (maybe at the time that you first discovered it), and it made a real deep impression on me. I'm going to call it at our next table meeting!


Auckland, New Zealand

The week before my sister passed away I was introduced to this hymn. How wonderful that when we are gathered into the Lord's name at the breaking of bread we can behold our dear Lord. He desires that we stop all our working and allow Him to minister to us. His riches are unsearchable!

Don Huntington

Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

I have heard this wonderful hymn sung at the Breaking of Bread for many years and it always thrills my heart with the reminder that our Glorious Lord desires to meet with us and we are have been left that wonderful feast whereby we remember Him.