Jesus, Lord, we know Thee present

Jesus, Lord, we know Thee present
  At Thy table freshly spread,
Seated at Thy priceless banquet
  With Thy banner overhead.
Precious moments at Thy table,
  From all fear and doubt set free;
Here to rest, so sweetly able,
  Occupied alone with Thee.
Here rejoicing in Thy nearness,
  Gladly by Thy Spirit led;
Calmly in the blest remembrance
  Of Thyself, Thy blood once shed.
Lord, we take each simple token
  In fond memory of Thee,
Muse upon Thy body broken
  And Thy blood shed on the tree.
Oh, what joy it is to see Thee,
  In these chosen emblems here;
In the bread and wine of blessing—
  Bread to strengthen, wine to cheer!
Lord, behold us met together,
  One in Thee, our risen Head,
Thus we take the cup of blessing,
  Thus we share the broken bread.
Lord, we know how true Thy promise
  To be with us where we meet,
When in Thy loved name we gather
  To enjoy communion sweet;
Dearer still that looked-for promise
  To each waiting, yearning heart,
That with Thee we soon shall be, Lord,
  Yes, "forever" where Thou art.
Jovan Heron

London, England

At His table we are surely satisfied, fed, nourished and infused with a renewed appreciation for our Lord Jesus Christ, we therefore remember Him by breaking the bread and drinking the cup. Praise the Lord!