Lord Jesus Christ, our heart feels sweet

Lord Jesus Christ, our heart feels sweet
  Whene'er we think on Thee,
And long that to Thy presence dear
  We soon might raptured be!
  Lord, like the pretty henna-flower*,
  In vineyards blossoming Thou art;
Incomp'rable Thy beauty is,
    Admires and loves our heart!
There is no music adequate
  Thy grace in full to praise,
Nor there a heart which could enjoy
  Thy love in every phase.
Yet, what delights our heart the most
  Is not Thy love, Thy grace;
But it is Thine own loving Self
  That satisfies always.
Oh, Thou art fairer than the fair,
  And sweeter than the sweet;
Beside Thee, none in heaven or earth
  Our heart's desire could meet.
* An Old World plant, prized for its
fragrant yellow and white flowers.
(Song of Songs 1:14, A.S.V.)

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Hna Bethel

Aguascalientes, Mexico

Lo único que tenemos seguro en esta tierra es Jesucristo nuestro dulce Señor.

Joseph Fabian Tripura

Chittagong, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Praise the Lord

Cody Enderli

San Marcos, TX, United States

O Lord thou art fairer than the fair

And sweeter than the sweet!

That’s just who you are Lord! Praise You!

Francis Y Chow

Anaheim, California, United States

Lord like the pretty Henna 🌸 Flower!


Calgary, Canada

Lord Jesus Christ, our heart feels sweet

Whene’er we think on Thee

Toyin Diyan

London, United Kingdom

Lord there is no music adequate! None! You're fairer than the fair and sweeter than the sweet!

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

Lord Jesus ! give You today!

Joanna Smathers

Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Lord Jesus our heart feels sweet when'er we think on Thee.

Kitty Joubert

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

There is no music adequate Thy grace in full to praise. Oh Thou art fairer than the fair and sweeter than the sweet! Beside Thee, NONE in heaven or earth our heart's desire could meet.


Seattle, WA, United States

In the first part of [Song of Songs], the Lord Jesus was the henna flower to the seeking one. She said, “My beloved is unto me as a cluster of henna flowers.” But now she grows henna flowers for the Lord. He was the henna flower to her, and now she grows the henna flowers to Him. He was her enjoyment, but now what He is has been wrought into her, and she is growing it back to Him for His enjoyment... We are God’s farm to grow the materials for the building up of God’s house. This is why we are both the garden and the city... The city, New Jerusalem, is called the Bride of the Lamb. ~ Life and Building in the Song of Songs, p. 82

As we have seen, Christ is the Triune God—the Father, the Son, and the Spirit—and He is the embodiment of God. Christ is many other items, such as the reality of the plants mentioned positively in the Bible. Christ is the real cedar tree (Lev. 14:4; 1 Kings 6:9), the real hyssop (Lev. 14:4; Psa. 51:7), and the real henna flower (S. S. 1:14, ASV). The chorus of #171 in Hymns says,

Lord, like the pretty henna-flower,

In vineyards blossoming Thou art;

Incomp'rable Thy beauty is,

Admires and loves our heart!

At the time the Song of Solomon was written, the henna flower was used by women as a cosmetic. We should take Christ as our beauty. Christ is also the apple tree (S. S. 2:3). The word translated "apple" in Song of Solomon 2:3 is actually the word for a juicy and nourishing tropical fruit. We need to be beautified with Christ as the henna flower and nourished with Christ as the fruit. Moreover, we can sit under His shadow to rest, enjoy, and relax (S. S. 2:3). Christ is also the plant of renown in Ezekiel 34:29.

Christ is the reality of everything positive. Colossians 2:16-17 says, "Let no one therefore judge you in eating and in drinking or in respect of a feast or of a new moon or Sabbaths, which are a shadow of things to come, but the body is of Christ." Christ is the reality of the Sabbath and the festivals in the Old Testament. Christ is also our food (John 6:32-35), our drink (John 4:10-14), and our real joy. He is the air, the breath, the soil, and our good land. This is our Savior.

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