What mercy that my eyes have seen the true God

What mercy that my eyes have seen the true God,
Happily transferred from darkness into light!
What grace that I can freely have salvation,
No need to work, endeavor with my might!
Now that I'm saved, remember, Lord, my family,
Their sins You've borne, the way has thus been paved;
This day fulfill the promise You have given:
"Believe in Christ; your whole house shall be saved."
Lord, hear my prayer and gain all in my family!
My heart is burning with this vow to You:
"I and my house will serve the Lord forever!"
We'll worship God for He alone is true!


I love this song. So beautiful. Call His name...BIGGER AMEN.

Dwirah kwasi sebastian

Accra, Ghana

What a fantastic song, indeed the mercy of God has transferred my life from darkness to light.

Charlene Cuanan


Amen, Amen...