Once I thirsted for a fountain

Once I thirsted for a fountain,
Something deep that would satisfy,
But the fountain that I'd drink from,
Left me searching and still so dry.
  Then one day I found Him,
  He satisfied my thirst,
  Became in me a deeper source
  Whence living waters burst.
    Now I drink Him!
  Jesus, Jesus is my life now,
  Jesus, Jesus is my life;
  I'm fully satisfied now,
  Jesus, Jesus is my life.
After tasting such a fountain,
Longed my heart for a place of springs;
Caught a vision on a mountain,
In Jerusalem's a gathering.
  Then one day He found me,
  He brought me to the church,
  Pleasures here abound fore'er
  I've given up my search.
Empty wanderer drop the striving—
Isn't worth all the troublin';
Open up your heart believing,
Call "Lord Jesus" and He'll come in!
  Then today you'll find Him,
  And calling on His name,
  You're joined to Him, you're one with Him—
  You'll never be the same.
    You won't want to!
Justyce Rata

Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Jesus is my Life now!!!!!!!!

Daniel Deo

Suva, Fiji

Jesus is my Life now!


Auckland, New Zealand

This melody is from a Yiddish melody called Dona, Dona!

Lisa Carney Beckham

"Youll never be the same.... You wont want to". Amen.... O Lord Jesus, I searched and thirsted and You as the living fountain burst in me so satisfying...... NOW I drink and drink and drink You. HALLELUJAH!!!

Luz Vasquez

United States

Jesus is my life now!!

Raquel Vasquez

East Los Angeles, CA, United States

You’re joined to Him, you’re one with Him--

You’ll never be the same.

You won’t want to!

I don't want to!

Naydelyn Cruz

East LA, CA, United States

I’ve given up my search, Hallelujah!


Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Jesus will always be my life.


Tbilisi, Georgia

Jesus is my life now. Amen 💕


Spokane, WA, United States

I've given up my search!!! Hallelujah! What a rest. We are not the same after we call, drink, and see the Church!!! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

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