Our eyes have seen the vision

Our eyes have seen the vision:
The goal is now in view,
Christ has defeated Satan,
And sin and death are through.
The way is cut and open,
The paths are all made straight;
We've heard the call: Come forward!
We've laid aside each weight.
  Come forward! Come forward!
Our Christ is on the throne.
His ministry, so heavenly,
  Brings all—brings all the fighters home.
Our eyes have seen the vision
Since Christ our conquering King
Has called us to the battle,
Which He did surely win.
The vict'ry He bequested
Two thousand years ago
To all the glorious fighters
Who'll forward with Him go.
Our eyes have seen the vision.
Our Captain leads us on.
To press into our spirit,
To share with Him the throne.
Lord, Thou hast giv'n Thy soldiers
The pow'r to wield the sword,
And made us glorious fighters
Through Spirit, church, and Word.
Kathy Allen

Katy, Tx, United States

This song is precious. I have sang it many times but today it's more precious. He's called us into battle, Which He did surely win. Every line that moves us forward He is there already. The real battle isn't our husbands, jobs, or children. It's getting to our spirit. But he is there already. We are just with Him. So attainable.