See the local churches

See the local churches,
'Midst the earth's dark night;
Jesus' testimony,
Bearing Him as light.
Formed by Him, unmeasured,
In the Spirit's mold—
All are one in nature,
One pure work of gold.
  See the local churches,
'Midst the earth's dark night;
Burning in the Spirit,
  Shining forth with Christ.
God in Christ, embodied,
As God's lampstand, He
Has become the Spirit,
The reality.
Spirit as the lampstand
Has been multiplied;
Many local churches,
Now are realized!
Caring for the churches
Is the Son of Man:
Voice of many waters,
Stars in His right hand;
Eyes aflame; His face is
Shining as the sun;
Churches—fear no trial,
He's the living One!
What can quench the lampstands?
Who can them defy?
More the opposition—
More they multiply!
Deeper darkness 'round them,
Brighter do they shine.
They are constituted
With the life divine.
Soon the local churches
Shall the Bride become,
Bringing in that city—
New Jerusalem.
Then the many lampstands
Shall one lampstand be;
Triune God expressing,
  Lo, from heav'n descending,
All the earth shall see
God's complete expression,
  For eternity.
Ely Docor

Glendora, CA, United States

It reminds me that I am in the spiritual warfare, that I must go on even if there is ups and down in my christian life, that I have to get out of the wilderness.