Chapter one of Genesis

Chapter one of Genesis:
Life is God's one emphasis,
Showing Christ subjectively,
Step by step He grows in me.
Just as earth became a waste,
Death and darkness once I faced.
God had judged, no light did shine;
Hollowness and void were mine.
Satan's fall had filled the seas
With corruption, sin, disease.
Yet the Spirit brooded o'er
The abyss: chaos no more!
God then spoke: the air was cleared!
Darkness which I once had feared
Was dispelled by God's own light.
A new day! No longer night!
As the light began to shine
His discernment became mine.
I began to see aright;
God divided dark from light.
Then the waters He did split;
An expanse between them fit,
Earthly things from heavenly,
Separated hence they'd be.
On the third day God designed
That the waters be confined.
In our lives dry land must be;
No more death and no more sea!
God commands: death's water halt!
Christ, the good land, we exalt!
Separated from all strife
We enjoy Christ as our life.
Growing in us inwardly;
Grass, then herb, then fruitful tree.
We begin as but a blade;
Soon our being He'll pervade.
Then the fourth day lights He set;
Bearers these, more definite.
Richer light to radiate,
Higher life to generate.
Sun, the greater light we see
Ruling day triumphantly;
Yet when darkness fills the skies,
Waxing moon is on the rise!
'Tis the Church she typifies;
For her light on Christ relies.
In His image meant to be,
She reflects Christ perfectly.
Lastly, precious stars He placed,
Strong in spirit, full of grace;
Shining when the moon seems faint,
These are overcoming saints.
What a glorious picture here:
Sun and moon and stars appear!
Lord, our prayer is that we'd be
Full of light and life in Thee.
Mike T

Cupertino, CA, United States

I had just re-listened to bro. Minoru's speaking during the 2013 Crystallization study on Genesis, part 1. In Message 3, titled "The Experience of Christ as Life Portrayed in Genesis 1", he concluded by saying that this hymn is relatively unfinished. This hymn went "only to the 4th day... hymn writers, finish this hymn. We need 20 verses. We need to cover day 5 and day 6. Otherwise, it is an unfinished story." The complete story is our human life fully mingled with the divine, zoe life, a life that bears God's image and expression, and represents God in His dominion, to accomplish His eternal purpose. Amen.


United States

No wonder Mozart's works were so full of life! He had caught the vision of the resurrected Savior. His meditations on the word were fruitful. He saw the glory of what man may be in Christ, and this song captures it perfectly.


Fargo, ND, United States

Praise the Lord Jesus that in Him is the Life! The Bible is a book of life. We should read it as a book of life!

Carrie Godfrey

Greensboro, NC, United States

Amen for the plan He purposed for His will.

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